The numerologist of Route 131

Something really weird just happened. I was on the bus, and this little old Indian-looking man turned to me and said “Are you a student?” When he found out that I went to Yale, he got me to come up and sit with him (he was right in front of me) and tell him how to help his son get in. That’s not all that unusual, really. But then he told me his hobbies included palmistry and numerology. First he did numerology but I wasn’t that impressed because most of what he told me was either really general or something I had told him already. But when he read my palm he said some really interesting things. He said I’d probably get a master’s degree but not a PhD, and that I’d probably marry in my early thirties. The really freaky thing is that he said that although I’m generally thought of as “nice” or “friendly,” very few people feel like they can get to know or trust me well. He also said I’m emotionally weak and easily hurt in relationships. That’s all pretty true. Weiwd.

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