Star Wars Rejects

Can-Can Binks
Role: Jar-Jar’s long lost sister. Can-Can and Jar-Jar begin to fall in love before they both discover they are the children of Darth-Darth Binks. Lucas cut the subplot when an intern suggested, “Haven’t we done this already?”

Oops, wrong movie.

Gary Condit
You can’t make a movie about a senate without throwing in a good scandal.

Role: C3PO’s life partner
Reason for cut: drew too much heat from the gay community for negative stereotyping. C3PO replied, “Oh, go on!”

Bubba Fat
Role: another member of the bounty-hunter family
Signature line: “There’s, um, jedi kebabs, jedi creole, jedi gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple jedi and lemon jedi, coconut jedi, pepper jedi, jedi soup, jedi stew, jedi salad, jedi and potatoes, jedi burger, jedi sandwich… That’s, that’s about it.”

Darth Siddik: the intelligent, clarinet-playing, economics-savvy dark lord

BO1-Kenobi: the stinky Jedi

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