Last night at home

Last night was my last night out with friends. I am now sequestered in Pack-istan (in the house, packing for college). I am going to miss everyone so much, even the people I don’t know very well. It’s not just the past I’ll miss, it’s the aborted future.

But we still have the past.

I don’t usually like to stay up past 2 or 3, but at 4 am last night I was gliding down the smooth, deserted city streets. Because of construction on I10 and Memorial, I had to take a much more complicated route than usual. Usually, I take 45 to I10, but last night I had to take 45 to 59 to 610 to Woodway to Voss to I10. It was eerie driving around at that time of night. I think the last time I was driving at that time was prom night. As I slid into my driveway at 4:30, I couldn’t help thinking that if I had left half an hour later I would’ve been able to listen to Morning Edition on my way home.

So now I go to face new faces. New friends? I hope so. We’ll see.

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